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Another Tear Jerker: 'Fido' waited for his deceased master’s return in vain for 14 years

To further show how much dogs are loyal to the end here is another story that shows how sweet and loyal dogs can be. We feel so fortunate to get to work making the best treats for our furry family. This story is about an Italian street who dog garnered wide public attention for his demonstration of unwavering devotion and loyalty for his deceased master. On December 30, 1943, during the Second World War, Borgo San Lorenzo was subjected to a violent air raid. The same evening, Fido, as usual, went to the bus-stop awaiting his master’s arrival from work. On not spotting the master get off the bus, Fido went back home disheartened. But, his hopes did not die out because from that day on, he visited the bus-stop every day for 14 years hoping to see the man he had been missing terribly. In the 14th year, on June 9, 1958, Fido died at the bus-stop while still waiting for his master.

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