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I've been a Convenience Store supplier for 28 years and Owner for nearly 13.

Once in a very blue moon an item comes along that is a winner across the board from

maker to taker and when it does it usually is short lived.

Miss Nelly's Dog Treats fits the bill on all the above except the short lived portion.

I have carried it now for nearly 4 years and have greatly enjoyed the steadily climbing

sales. Its a product that moves year round and the consumers are incredibly loyal to the

brand which of course greatly motivates the retailer to keep the supply coming in as I have countless

tales of Dogs barking from the car in the parking lots when the owner pulls into the store where

Nelly's will be purchased and consumers barking when the retail store is out of stock on Miss Nelly's.


The repeat business on this item is the best I have experienced with new items ever and I have had a lot.


Lance D. Kroetz

LDK Wholesale Co./Owner


I am a big fan of Miss Nelly’s Dog Treats.  I have carried this product for several years in my stores and it generates amazing sales day in and day out for such a small footprint.  It has a very loyal  repeat customer who searches out this product knowing is it a healthier meat snack for their dog than regular meat snacks intended for human consumption.    

Roger St. George - 7-11 Franchisee

Aberdeen, WA

woman with red hair, chipped light blue nail polish and pearl bracelent petting the face of a brown eyed, black labrador's face

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