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check out what some of our customers have to say about our magnificent treats!

Hands down the best dog treats available anywhere. We have some finicky dogs but our chunky little Princess Rayna turns her nose up at anything we try to give her. Except for Miss Nelly’s. We’re sold!

G. Glaesemann  

I've got to say, it took me over a decade to find a treat that my pup is absolutely obsessed with & this is it! My girl is 14 years old but no matter how she may be feeling she always goes nutts for these! On our walks she always tries to go to our Neighborhood 7-Eleven for these treats and I swear she looks disappointed if I come out without them!


Our dogs absolutely love these treats. They haven't caused any digestive issues. ( our large dog has a problem with flatulence, we dubbed them "paint peelers" and he truly lives up to our term for the odor.) He doesn't run everyone out of the room after eating these and our old girl doesn't have any problem chewing them. they're made in America, which is a must after hearing about all the deaths from China's dog products. I'd rate them a 10 out of 10, buy some, your best friends will love you for it!
C. Meek 

Miss Nelly's treats are awesome if my boy likes them every dog will love them, he is very picky when it comes to treats plus there made in the USA.
Amazon Review 

I adopted a reactive dog during the beginning of quarantine. Didn’t know it at the time but his fear aggression became apparent 2 months after I adopted him. I immediately started working with a trainer and she introduced me to Miss Nellys treat sticks and my dog would do anything for them. Eventually I started buying them myself and we can get him through and used to the most stressful things (children running around, grooming) with these treats. Last month we completed his first manner class and the teacher remarked how well behaved he was! These treats are so great bc they can go anywhere and can be easily broken into smaller treats. Churro loves when we play nosework games with them when I’m trying to work or enjoy a meal at a restaurant. These treats are a literal lifesaver-they saved my sanity and gave me the help while training to keep churro in his 3rd & final home. We love miss nelly! Also we found several dog stores near us (outside seattle) selling these treats under a different label (I peeled the label off and discovered it was miss nellys). Order directly from them for the best prices-the other places almost doubled the price.

R. Cavanaugh

I have been back and forth with a lot of different treats. I can say with confidence after finding Miss Nelly's there is no going back, its like cat nip for dogs.
A. Swenson 

Thanks Nelly's for your creation of a great natural ingredients dog treat, they love them.. It's nice to be able to get a good natural product made in the good old U.S.A. Thanks again They are everything it says on the label.
S. on Amazon 

Five paws

S. Santaella

My Chihuahua (12 years old, 4 pounds) is a picky eater, but she enjoys these chicken sticks. She only has 4 teeth left, so it's nice to find a soft treat that she likes and can actually chew/break into pieces.
H. Lee 

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