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Our natural jerky dog treats are processed from domestically born and bred livestock in a USDA certified & regularly inspected facility. Our jerky treats for dogs will delight your pet while giving you confidence about the treats you feed your dog. 

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American-Made and Sourced Jerky Treats

Miss Nelly’s beef and chicken products are made and sourced with clean, natural ingredients and without unnecessary additives like steroid-enhanced meats, corn, soy, grain, or gluten.  


Miss Nelly’s jerky treats for dogs are made and sourced exclusively in the U.S.A. from livestock that has never been on a boat or plane. Our American made and sourced dog treats are naturally processed, and dogs can taste the difference! With so much uncertainty (due to quality control standards) in purchasing pet consumables from overseas, one can see why it is so crucial to be in control of precisely what goes into our pets. The reality for most pet parents is that these wonderful “companions” are in fact so much more than that…they are family members. Miss Nelly's Canine Gourmet

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