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About Us

“Miss” Nelly was our 7-year-old Boxer who passed away in 2015. We have now added a "Frenchie" named Layla to our family. We only feed her the best food money can buy, which is why at Miss Nelly’s, we care so much about what we put into our jerky sticks. We would never produce anything for dogs that we wouldn’t feed to our own dog! Nelly was our first true test case and she heartily approved! Since 2012, Miss Nelly’s has gone into 100s of stores and homes around the country with great success! We firmly believe there is no better dog treat on the market…anywhere!"

Nelly at 6 months
Nelly as a puppy

Meet Layla June, our 25lb. French Bulldog - spoiled princess. Layla came into our family in 2015. Shortly after Nelly passed, we felt the need for canine companionship. Dena literally searched all of the attributes of a Boxer (which we loved) in a smaller, more manageable dog. The result? A Frenchie! Layla has been the perfect addition to our "empty nest".  Layla is a Chocolate Brindle who is hilarious, cuddly, smart and as previously mentioned, spoiled rotten....good rotten that is. 

Layal June car ride
Layla June Basauri
Layla - 9 weeks and Jadyn - 4 years old

Miss Nelly's is a family-owned business based in the Boise, Idaho metro area. Our namesake is our precious, late Boxer dog "Nelly". Miss Nelly was as beautiful as she was smart and she knew good treats when she tasted them. Since 2012 ( by "pupular" demand) we have been making and distributing Miss Nelly's Canine Gourmet to hundreds of locations around the country. 

Boise  - Capitol Blvd

So, what makes us different?

In a veritable sea of pet foods/ treats, what makes Miss Nelly’s so unique is our manufacturing process. Our treats are naturally smoked. Unlike major commercial brands that use chemicals to replicate smoke flavor; our jerky treats are actually slow-smoked over hours.  We use NO MSG or steroid-enhanced meats. We use a minimal amount of preservatives and only the highest quality ingredients available. As we mentioned, the dogs know the difference!


We regularly receive numerous calls from the consumers themselves praising the product and letting us know how much their dogs love the treats as well as alerting us when the stores are out of stock. We love it! 

Kahlua Granpup
Jadyn and Miss Nelly

(Left) Our "grandpup" Kahlua. (Right) The infamous "Miss" Nelly herself.  "Naughty Nelly" (as she came to be known) was every bit as tender as she was a terror. She could open doors with knobs, refrigerators, and break out of any crate or cage. No joke!  We loved our precious pup and are just thrilled to carry on her name with these incredible treats! 

cartoon image of a small grey dog with a red tongue hanging out, perked up ears and expectant expression

Drop us a line sometime. We would love to hear your own happy tale!

Until then....happy tails!!

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