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Miss Nelly's Canine Gourmet - Jerky Dog Treats - Chicken Sticks - USA Made and Sourced - Original Smoke House Recipe - Tasty and Tender Real Meat Training Treat - Healthy snack for all breeds in all life stages - Small Batch - Clean and Natural Ingredients - Minimally Processed 


With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, this is a great item for new customers traveling with their dogs! "Puppy Crack" as our sticks have come to be known, will have the dogs hooked. No joke! The pup parents will have no choice but to come back for more. The best part is that these treats are healthy and great for them! Our chicken jerky dog treats contain no MSG, soy, wheat, gluten, or steroid-enhanced meats. 


Let's face it, people are already buying jerky in practically every convenience store everywhere in the USA. Yes, yours too. And guess what...a lot of times they give it to their dogs! This was a no-brainer for us. Better for the dogs, better margins for the stores. A win-win for everyone!


Vaccuum sealed for freshness, these packs have a 3 year shelf life. The sticks are slighty bigger and provide a better value than the single sticks in jars. Sales of the Twin Packs have only increased since we introduced them in 2021 as a prepackaged option for those not wishing to purchase the loose bulk sticks. Packed in a 24 count display box with flip header card, they make an ideal impulse item at the checkout counter or in-line with your pet section.


So, why choose our brand?


  • 100 % USA MADE - Produced and sourced from domestically born and bred livestock in a USDA certified, regularly inspected plant.
  • WHOLESOME AND TASTY BEEF JERKY TREATS - Tender, moist, naturally smoky jerky dog treats that will have even the pickiest pups begging for more!
  • CLEAN AND NATURAL - No MSG, no steroid enhanced meats, corn, soy, grain or gluten. Compare our ingredients to other premium smoked jerky treats.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAINING – Our beef jerky treats for dogs break easily into bite-sized pieces at snap lines making them ideal for any size dog!
  • CONVENIENT TWIN PACK - Perfect for on the go and travel. Vacuum sealed for maximum freshness and safety. Small 5" footprint makes it easy to dislplay either in-line or as impulse on the counter at checkout.
  • GREAT MARGINS with REPEAT SALES - 40% margin! Our brand loyalty is unparralled! You will see fast turns and reapeat sales. As a premium impulse treat, there is no better quality available...ANYWHERE!


Try our new Twin Pack of delicious, healthy, slow-smoked jerky treats that dogs will crave and keep those tails happy on the go!

Miss Nelly's - Chicken Sticks - Twin Pack- 6/24 ct. Case

  • Quality and Satisfaction are guaranteed. If for any reason you do not feel satisfied with either the quality or condition of  any of our Miss Nelly's treats - simply call our office or drop us a line. We will resolve the issue to your satisfaction or simply refund the purchase price of the item.

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