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Best Dog Treats

The Best Dog Treats You Can Find

You want to make sure that you give your dog a delicious snack. The best dog treats are made in Star, Idaho – and we can’t wait for your dog to try them. All-natural ingredients are used and they are minimally processed.

At Miss Nelly’s Canine Gourmet, we have something that other dog treat companies don’t – a promise that you’ll love the treats. Chicken and beef flavors are available. We make small batches to ensure that they’re made from the heart.

The best dog treats that you can find are available online. You can order at any time and they’ll be shipped right to your door. Two sizes of bags and a 2-pound jar of the jerky sticks are available, allowing you to get a size that accommodates the dog (or dogs) in your home. Don’t forget – our low prices make it easy to give dog treats out if you’re a groomer or a vet, too.

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