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Beef Jerky for Dogs

Over the past few years, there have been several scares about contaminated pet food or dog treats that contained harmful ingredients.  

When you offer your dog Miss Nelly’s beef jerky treats, you can trust they’re unadulterated, healthy, and wholesome. Our treats are 100% USA made—with ingredients sourced in the USA—and are naturally processed in USDA-certified and -inspected plants. 

Our made-in-the-USA beef jerky for dogs comes in three convenient sizes; use the 8-oz bag to introduce your pet to our beef sticks. We’re confident your dog will devour them and ask for more! That’s why we also offer a 16-oz bag or 2-lb. jar to keep your pup supplied with their new favorite treat. 

Miss Nelly’s is named after a beloved dog who passed away a few years ago. We have since added Layla, a French bulldog, to our family. As dog lovers ourselves, we care passionately about what we put into our jerky sticks. We would never produce anything for dogs that we wouldn’t feed to our own precious pup! We know that your dog is a treasured part of your family, and we want only the best for your pet. 

Miss Nelly’s is based in the Boise, Idaho, area, and our family-owned business has been producing and distributing Miss Nelly's gourmet dog treats to hundreds of locations around the country since 2012.  

What sets us apart is our careful manufacturing process. Our treats don’t get their smoky flavor from additives or chemicals; instead, our treats are naturally slow smoked for hours.  We don’t use MSG or steroid-enhanced meats, use only the minimum necessary amount of preservatives, and use the highest quality meats available. Dogs can taste the difference! 

Our beef jerky for dogs, which is made and sourced in the USA, is healthy and delicious. Miss Nelly’s tender, moist, naturally smoky dog treats will have even the pickiest pups begging for more! 

As part of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we don’t engage in pricing gimmicks. Miss Nelly’s gives you the lowest price possible, always. And, if your dog doesn't love our treats, we’ll refund your money. 

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