Beef Jerky Dog Treats | 8-Oz Bag


Introduce your dog to Miss Nelly’s beef jerky treats in this convenient 8-oz bag. Dogs love and crave our 100% American-sourced and -made meat treats. When your dog wants more, buy in a larger quantity with our 2-lb. jar.


Our beef jerky treats are processed in a USDA-certified, regularly inspected plant. They contain no MSG, steroid-enhanced meats, corn, soy, grain, or gluten. These tasty beef sticks treats will please even the pickiest pups!


These dog treats are great to use as rewards when training your dog or simply as a way to show love to your loyal pet. As a member of your family, your dog deserves the best treats made with clean, natural ingredients. Start with our 8-oz bag: You’ll soon come back for a larger bag to keep your dog happy.


Miss Nelly’s doesn’t play games with pricing—there are no gimmicks, and we always offer the lowest possible price. If your dog doesn't love our treats, we’ll refund your money.

8oz. Bag - Beef Sticks

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