Beef Jerky Dog Treats | 16-Oz Bag

Miss Nelly’s beef jerky dog treats contain no MSG, soy, wheat, gluten, or steroid-enhanced meats. Try these delicious, healthy, slow-smoked jerky treats: Your pup will come back for more every time. Our 16-oz bag will keep your dog happily supplied with their favorite treats.

Our beef jerky dog treats are 100% American sourced and made from cattle right here in the USA. Minimally processed, the meat in these beef sticks is prepared in USDA-certified and -inspected facilities.


When you buy Miss Nelly’s beef jerky dog treats, you’re giving your pet a quality product with no hidden fillers or additives. Just read our list of ingredients and compare it with any other gourmet dog treat.


We guarantee quality and satisfaction. If your dog doesn’t love these treats, we’ll refund your money.

16oz. Bag - Beef Sticks

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