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Having a dog can help your heart...literally!!!


We all know that warm fuzzy feeling of owning a dog and how much they complete our lives. At that, according to a report from Harvard Medical School, there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that having a dog may also help improve our heart health.

Having a pup, the report showed, is probably associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. This does not mean that there is a clear cause and effect relationship between the two. But it does mean that pet ownership can be a reasonable part of an overall strategy to lower the risk of heart disease.

Several studies have shown that dog owners have lower blood pressure than non-owners. This could be because their fur-babes have a calming effect on them and because dog owners tend to get more exercise. Several studies even show that blood pressure goes down when a person pets a dog. Dogs' calming effect on humans also appears to help people handle stress. For example, some research suggests that people with dogs experience less cardiovascular reactivity during times of stress. That means that their heart rate and blood pressure go up less and return to normal more quickly, dampening the effects of stress on the body.

Either way, we're sold! Here's to the dogs this Valentine's Day!!!!

Thank you,

Miss Nelly's

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