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USA Made and Sourced Beef Jerky Dog Treats | 8-Oz Bag


Introduce your customers to Miss Nelly’s beef jerky dog treats in this convenient 8-oz bag. Dogs love and crave our 100% American-sourced and -made meat treats. When dogs wants more, customers can buy in a larger quantity with our 16 oz bag or 2-lb. jar.


Let's face it, people are already buying jerky in practically every convenience store everywhere. Yes, yours too. And guess what...a lot of times they give it to their dogs! This was a no-brainer for us. Better for the dogs, better margins for the stores. A win-win for everyone!


Why choose our brand?


  • 100 % USA MADE - Produced and sourced from domestically born and bred livestock in a USDA certified, regularly inspected plant.
  • WHOLESOME AND TASTY BEEF JERKY TREATS - Tender, moist, naturally smoky jerky dog treats that will have even the pickiest pups begging for more!
  • CLEAN AND NATURAL - No MSG, no steroid enhanced meats, corn, soy, grain or gluten. Compare our ingredients to other premium smoked jerky treats.
  • PERFECT FOR TRAINING – Our beef jerky treats for dogs break easily into bite-sized pieces at snap lines making them ideal for any size dog!
  • FANTASTIC IMPULSE ITEM: Place a 2lb jar of our Beef or Chicken (or both) Jerky Dog Treats on your counter. This item sells itself! With great graphics and strong points of sale, our treats will not only help increase traffic and profits but will also help you build a new customer base that will return to your store again and again! We've seen it repeatedly.
  • GREAT MARGINS - 40% margin with fast turns and repeat sales. Our brand loyalty is unparalleled! As a premium impulse treat, there is no better quality choice available...ANYWHERE!


These tasty beef sticks treats will please even the pickiest pups!

Miss Nelly's - Jerky Dog Treats - 8oz. Bag - Beef Sticks - 24 ct. Case

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