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Puppy Training 101

Christmas is a time where a lot of families purchase a puppy for a gift for their families to love on and also to help their children learn responsibility by taking care of a pet. Here are some basics of puppy training:

It's best to train your puppy right away when you bring them home for the first time. You'll want to make sure you show them right from wrong the first day and continue to teach the rules as they grow. Even if you're rescuing an older pup, the phrase "you can still teach an old dog new tricks" is quite true.

You'll want to be consistent in your training. Being clear and consistent with communication between you and your pup is key during training. Reinforce positive actions by rewarding them and say “No” or remove attention to guide them when they misbehave. If you're not consistent, they could become confused.

With puppies and older dogs, it's important to catch them in the act with their behaviors, whether good or bad. Mishaps from your pup are expected, probably because they’re still learning how to be the amazing dog you're working toward. It’s up to you to teach them what is expected. Try to address the issue the moment it happens and not to punish for past behavior. Our doggos won’t understand your guidance unless you connect it to an action that occurred very recently. If you're pups doing something positive, reward them with praises, and.....

Rewarding with treats is a great way to motivate our puppy babies (older pups are still our babies :-) --- Miss Nelly's are safe, pure, and wholesome treats that you can feel good about giving to your baby. What makes our treats so great for training is they have 1" snap lines that make it easy to tear the jerky treat apart. Do remember that treats should be earned, and although we want you to buy lots of treats (haha), treats shouldn't make up more than 10 percent of their daily calories.

We love dogs so much and we love what we do. We hope you'll purchase some soft, chewy, naturally smoked treats that will leave your pup's tail waggin' and working for more. Enjoy that pup and give them hugs from Miss Nelly's!!!

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