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National Pet Obesity Awareness Day - October 13th

October 13th is National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Although we can't help but think little chunk pups are cute as can be 😍, it's super important for their health that we make sure they stay at a healthy weight! It's important to feed them quality food, avoid feeding them unhealthy table scraps, and to make sure they're getting some healthy activity. Treats are a great way to reward our pups for good behavior and show them some special love, but too many treats can be a bad thing! Feeding our puppy babies quality treats when we pamper them is important. We feel super good about Miss Nelly's Jerky Dog Treats! As you may have seen from other posts, they're Veterinarian approved! We never add any fillers or artificial flavors and they don’t contain glycerin, corn, grains, wheat, or soy.

Your pup's joints will feel better and their overall health will be their best possible by making sure they're at a healthy weight.

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