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Losing Our Beloved Fur-Babes & Grieving the Loss

Our precious Layla...

Everyone deals with grief differently, but that doesn’t make our babies crossing the Rainbow Bridge any less painful. Some people find it hard to express their feelings because not everyone around them understands the gravity of their loss. Many people aren't dog lovers, or don't develop a bond with them in the same manner that others do. If they haven't experienced this type of a relationship with a dog, they don't know how hard it is to go through this loss. I know we felt this way when Layla recently passed. (Well, it feels recent, but next month it'll be a year) :-(

In a search to try to deal with our tremendous loss, we've spent some time surfing the web to see ways to help us heal our broken hearts. Here are some ideas we found: Join a Pet Loss Online Support Group A great place to start is the AKC Pet Loss Support Group on Facebook. This private Facebook group offers group members a place to grieve and comfort one another. Sometimes it helps to be able to post pictures and support others who are going through the same loss. That said, sometimes it might make you ball your eyes out, as there are others grieving and posting touching pictures, poems, and things that can trigger the ol' eye leak spots.

Memorializing Your Dog In addition to seeking support, there are easy ways you can honor your beloved pet’s memory. Fur-babe Memorial: One of the best ways to find closure is to hold a memorial service. Whether you choose to bury your dog, scatter their ashes in a place that holds special meaning, or make a memorial piece. A memorial service gives you and your family the chance to say goodbye. Some people also find cremation jewelry to be meaningful - maybe a cremation necklace.

Something to honor your baby: Plant a tree or flowers in your dog’s favorite spot; name a star in their honor; create a shadow box with items like a collar, toy, or blanket; have a portrait rendered; place a memorial stone in your garden; or get creative with your baby's photographs by making a scrapbook.

Do something that speaks to you on their birthday: On your dog’s birthday, acknowledge their amazing life by volunteering at a local shelter or donate to an animal charity in their name. August 28 marks Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, so take a moment to look back on the joy, laughter, and unconditional love he/she brought to your life.

We were so fortunate that we were able to honor our Miss Nelly with our dog treats! We believe that her spirit lives on and because these treats are our tribute to her. we do our best to make sure that they're, as we believe, the best treats on the market!

If you're grieving, know our hearts are with you, we know your pain, and you're not overreacting!

There's our precious Miss Nelly...she is so missed!

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Brooke Burns
Brooke Burns

I am so sorry you guys. :( I feel you. August 10 will be six months since we lost Bobo and we talk about him every. single. day, and how much we miss him. Our hearts are with you. Hugs!

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