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Keeping Your Pup Dry During Rainy Season

Our pups are warm blooded, which means that they can easily adapt to the temperature of their environment. When the weather gets too hot, they simply have to pant to release the extra heat. When the weather gets too cold, they have their fur to provide them insulation.

However, if they are exposed for a long time to cold weather, such as when you're on a walk or on a trip, their body temperature eventually drops. It can worsen when the dog is very wet. When this happens, hypothermia may occur, where blood sugar goes down, and your precious pup starts to chill.

Here are some options on what you can do to keep your doggos dry:

* Vinyl Rain Jackets-The nice thing about vinyl is that it allows water to slide right off. It doesn't allow moisture inside the rain jacket, which, in turn, will keep your dog warm at all times. They may also come with a drawstring hood, so you can also protect the head and the neck. Some varieties also have an opening to allow the dog leash to pass through. To easily adjust the rain jacket, velcro straps are often supplied. There are several colors and designs for vinyl rain jackets that are available, so you can always choose one that you think will fit your dog's personality.

* Rain Coats-Rain coats are one of the most practical options for rainy day dog clothes. They're not just comfortable, but they also protect your dog and save you the hassle of drying your pooch after the walk. Moreover, a lot of them are equipped with a reflective strip in order to alert drivers of their presence. Furthermore, it allows you to find your dog easily if it strays and the surroundings are already dark.

*Trench Coats-Trench coats are really classy and truly add elegance and sophistication to your pooch. It's the most perfect rainy day apparel if ever you need to attend parties, and you want to keep his tux or polo shirt dry underneath. For the female dogs, vintage trench coats are the in thing. They come in various flattering colors.

Whatever you choose, make sure to take good care of your furry family members! Happy Spring!

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