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January 2022 is National Train Your Dog Month

Dogs come trained in loyalty, unconditional love, and friendship. It’s only the easy stuff that they need to learn. We've been there and know that all the other stuff can be daunting, but all we need is the right advice at the right time. How does the beginning of the year sound? January is National Train Your Dog Month.

Here are some reasons why training benefits you and your puppy family member:

Reason #1

Not only can some basic training make your life easier but creating good habits and teaching fundamental commands can save your dog’s life. A trained dog is more likely to understand vocal commands so they will be able to respond more quickly when you direct them to avoid dangers and obstacles.

Reason #2

Dog training creates a bond between you and your four legged friends. As you go through the process of training, you will start picking up the quirks of your dog. You'll find out what motivates them and what distracts them. With positive reinforcement, a higher level of trust between you and your dog is fostered, strengthening your relationship. It’s a way for you and your dog to communicate and learn what you can and should expect from one another.

Reason #3

Teaching basic manners to your pet allow them to be welcome in more environments and situations. From situations with guests coming to your home to going to the public dog park, those basic manners go a long way!

Reason #4

Dog training is the single most important factor allowing a pet to stay in their home forever. If you get off on the right foot together then you can set out on a positive path together.

We hope that these tips help you to have the best relationship with your doggo! Miss Nelly's treats are perfect for training. They are easily broken into bite-sized pieces to keep your dog happy and eager to learn. Best of luck!

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